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Carbon Advisory Services
Knowledge is power.

Funnel speaks the language of carbon management and sustainability in the context of what's relevant for shipping, advising on carbon opportunities and the potential liabilities for your existing operations.

•  What's the latest from the IMO, the EU, and other regulators?
•  What are your emission reduction options?
•  What are your competitors up to?
•  How is the rest of the supply-chain adapting?
•  What are your carbon opportunities?


Carbon Strategy Development
Building tactical advantage.

Funnel specialises in developing carbon management strategy specifically for the unique needs of shipping. Funnel delivers concise evaluation and clear action plans for:

•  Managing existing emissions.
•  Evaluating risk exposure pending new regulations.
•  Converting carbon management into profitable competitive advantage.


Communicating carbon in common language.

Communicating carbon in common language, Funnel provides tailored management briefing sessions covering the basics of carbon science, audits, international carbon markets, emission trading schemes, and sustainability reporting.


Carbon Audits
Forewarned is forearmed.

Understanding the carbon footprint of your existing operations is one of the first steps for evaluating the potential risks and opportunities of carbon exposure. Funnel undertakes carbon audits for shippers of consolidated cargoes, for voyage charters, and for Owner/Operators managing diversified fleets.


Carbon Offset
For carbon neutral cargoes.

Funnel offers carbon credits for offsetting – or neutralising – the carbon emissions generated by the shipping of cargoes. Funnel also provides professional guidance on integrating a ‘carbon neutral' option into your existing services.


Maritime Carbon Units
Rewarding low carbon behaviour.

Using a proprietary methodology, Funnel Exchange develops carbon credits derived specifically from maritime emission abatement projects. Funnel's Maritime Carbon Units seek to reward shipping innovators for their emission savings - keeping the carbon financial resources within the shipping industry.




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